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Travel Pillow, Travel Neck Pillows for Sleeping

Wholesale Price:$ 5.53

Min. Order Qty:10 Pcs

Material:Memory Foam

Color:Blue, Grey, Pink, Dark Blue

SKU# LM2206-F9027

  • Freight:Not included
  • Ship From:China
  • Shipping Method:Support for freight transportation, courier and designated forwarder
  • Time of delivery:5 days upon order receipt

Notes:Not applicable for retail, only accept small batch order or more.

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Product Description

Travel pillow dimension

Thick slow rebound memory foam. The pillow quickly contours to your unique shape thanks to its ultra thick memory foam interior.

It’s slow rebound helps absorb pressure and shape into the position that is most desirable for you. Due to memory foam’s natural flexibility, the pillow can easily be folded into the included carry bag when not in use.

New design double pillow cover. Pillow cover is washable cover with breathable and super soft magnetic therapy cloth provides the maximum comfort on your trip.

Pillow cover to protect memory foam pillow core more durable and more cleanly.

Provide perfectly supportive.Travel neck pillow with memory foam can better fix your neck to provided support and comfort, prevents head from falling forward.

The adjustable rope lock, you can adjust the angle and the size of the pillow randomly, meeting different neck size requirements.

Travel neck pillow was designed for portability and comfort.

Also a perfect gift/ travel essentials accessories. Everyone need a high quality memory foam travel neck pillow when you on a airplane, car, train , bus. or at home/office use.

Strongest support with ergonomic design. Therefore, you can enjoy a more comfortable and supportive trip with travel pillow.

Its unique curved u shape design helps keep your neck and head upright to help alleviate pressure, snoring, and general discomfort; unlike many other travel pillows.

Moreover, it provides maximum support for your head by seamlessly curving entirely around your neck to prevent your neck from slouching forward.

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